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1/8" NPT Drill and Tap Kit

This 1/8 NPT Drill and Tap Kit is the perfect kit for anyone looking to drill and tap directly into the exhaust manifold or intake manifold.

The featured 1/8 NPT Tap is used for tapping thermocouple and boost gauge fitting holes for sensors that will deliver optimum results directly from the source. The size R high speed steel drill bit’s overall length is 4 3/4 inches with a 118° point that drills the perfect hole to tap into. The black-oxide finish increases lubricity and chip flow and can be used in various applications. 

Drill Bit Details: 

Diameter: 0.3390"
Finish: Black Oxide
Material: High Speed Steel (HSS)
Point: 118°
Type: Drill Bit
Drill Size: R
Flute Length: 3-7/16"
Number of Flutes: 2
Overall Length: 4-3/4"
Shank Size: R
Drill Style: Letter
Tap Details: 

Thread Type: NPT
Tap Drill Size: R
Diameter: 1/8"
Finish: Bright
Material: High Carbon Steel
Thread Diameter: 1/8"
Thread Size: 27
Type: Pipe Tap
Number of Flutes: 4
Overall Length: 2-1/4"

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