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CLASSIC DashBoss Connection Kit

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 NOTE:  This works with CLASSIC DashBoss gateways.  If your DashBoss gateway has a SILVER sticker on the back that says REV C, please see the REV C Connection Kit.

This kit is fully ASSEMBLED and consists of:

  1. Molex connector housing part #43025-0400 which mates with the DashBoss™ Gateway pigtail - QTY (1)
  2. Molex pins part # 43030-007 crimp style pins for AWG 20-24 wire - QTY (4)
  3. Wire "pigtails" - individual color coded red, green, white and black wires in an integrated gray PVC insulated wire approx. 6-8" long
  4. Plastic strain relief - sturdy plastic sleeve to ensure wire integrity - QTY (1)

Note: these kits are COMPLETELY ASSEMBLED with about 6-8" of wire to make for easy soldering or crimp connecting to sensor wires.   See WIRING EXAMPLES

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