About Us

iMiken, LLC History

A company founded by enthusiasts FOR enthusiasts

iMiken, LLC was founded by a small group of professionals that shared a common interest in neat gadgets, cool software, leading edge technology, and cool vehicles. Using this as the common theme, a small team of software developers, product designers, hardware designers and business experts were recruited to flesh out some of the ideas/products/services that we beileve we can uniquely bring to the table. We have owners, developers and partners in Colorado and Utah.

The Team

Expertise and Passion

The team has a wide and varied history of success in a variety of fields. We embody expertise in many areas and disciplines, to include:

  • Software - many langauges and platforms from mobile to desktop to servers
  • Technology Domains - including GPS, NEMA data, web enabling technologies, data warehousing, communications, protocols, networks, infrastructure, and aerospace/military secure communications
  • Aftermarket automotive - including TurboLink, OEM EFI tools development, injector design and distribution (namely the 60lb MotoTron injector, and DashHawk)
  • Business development - board membership on several large aftermarket companies, financial expertise on Wall Street, past and present ownership of companies in automotive aftermarket spaces, electronic/embedded applications spaces, composites spaces, and techincal consulting.

Which boils down to "iMiken brings a lot of focus to product development of "neat" stuff"!


Expertise and Passion a MUST!

Join the team! We're looking for talented software/firmware developers. Our business model allows for the devleoper to work remotely with occaisonal travel to onsite testing facilities. If you have proficiency in any of the following areas and have a passion for making EXCELLENT products, we would like to talk to you!

We are looking for talent in several areas and the more you have, the more we want to talk to YOU! These disciplines include:

  • Expertise
    • Objective C, C, C++ development
    • iOS experience and expertise
    • Communications protocols at the bit level (CAN, Bluetooth, TCP/IP, etc.)
    • Mobile applications development for Apple iOS, Android, Windows Mobile
    • Automotive systems and subsystems
    • Embedded firmware development in a real-time hardware environment
    • Microprocessor (32bit) experience in the ARM chip families or other similar MPU platforms
    • Crossworks or Eclipse IDEs
    • Hardware design and board layout. Altium or Pro E experience a plus
    • Industrial design in Solidworks
  • Qualities
    • Team player
    • College degree in Computer Science or equivalent work experience
    • Productive under pressure
    • Great communication and collaboration skills
    • Experience and deep understanding of one or more of the skills listed in Expertise
    • Writes well documented code
    • Any cross over with our stack is a plus. We primarily work with C (embedded) and Objective-C, Altium, OpenRTOS, LPC ARM platforms, CAN protocols, CrossWorks ARM, and Xcode/iOS.

Send your resume and a cover letter, along with contact information if you think you have the skills and passion to work with us tosupport@dashboss.com